Jaipur Purple

India with its amazing diversity of religions, languages and cultures, is unique and unique.
Well we know that its gastronomy, is at the same time very varied and complex, thanks to its rich heritage that is one of the oldest in the world.

Gandhi's dream has always been to create a modern India that would introduce to Asia and the rest of the world a living example of his social ideals.

The cuisine of Jaipur Purple includes a variety of regional dishes from India, with great diversity of soil type, climate and natural ingredients.

This cuisine can vary according to the region and also vary the spices, herbs, meats, vegetables and indigenous fruits.

Indian cuisine is influenced by its religious and cultural history. Jaipur Purple wants your experience with us to be a true reflection of the diverse cultures and geographic regions that our nation can offer.

We are very proud of the fresh and natural ingredients that we use to make them.

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